Reverse Mortgages: How To Use Reverse Mortgages To Secure Your Retirement?

By Wade Pfau, Ph.D., CFA

Wade Pfau’s first book reveals how your house can add much-needed value to your golden years.
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Add Security To Your Retirement Plan

"Am I going to outlive my money?” 

“Do I put my retirement money in the stock market and hope for the best?”

You may be coming to grips with these questions as you transition your retirement strategy from building a nest egg to creating your own personal pension plan.

After investing for many years, it was clear that investing for the long-term was an ideal strategy for growth regardless of market movements. In your retirement, market uncertainty is no longer your best friend. Creating a reliable income stream is a more intimate concern, and that creates a need for alternative tactics.

While investing in the stock market is needed, it should be paired with more reliable sources of income. I have previously pointed out that stock market returns during your pre- and post-retirement years – The Fragile Decade – disproportionately affect your ability to successfully withdraw portfolio income. And although stocks have averaged healthy returns over their history, these returns have come with significant negative to no-growth years that can bankrupt a portfolio tasked with providing all of your retirement income. Why save and invest your entire life only to potentially fail to make the accurate shift in your mindset needed once retirement nears? 

My new book and the first in my Retirement Researcher’s Guide Series – Reverse Mortgages: How to Use Reverse Mortgages to Secure Your Retirement – can help guide you. 

I wrote this book because of the realization that many retirees are setting themselves up for possible failure if they solely rely on the stock market for retirement success. Sure, you can attain a positive outcome, but you owe it to yourself to rule out hope as an investment strategy and implement consistent income streams in retirement. 

The use of reverse mortgages as a supplemental income stream to your overall retirement income strategy has become a viable solution for many. This has not previously been the case as reverse mortgages have suffered from high costs and inappropriate recommendations by a regrettable group of lenders. Fortunately, developments in the past decade have made this option difficult to dismiss outright. 

As I point out in the book, the government has implemented many positive structural changes to ensure reverse mortgages can be used responsibly as part of an overall retirement income strategy, rather than to fritter away assets. Over the last few years, several academic researchers have also demonstrated how they can be used effectively as well.

As a result, many top independent advisors have made reverse mortgages a part of their normal course of analysis in developing retirement income strategies for clients. 

The retirement income puzzle is tough enough. I have distilled all of this for you in my book so you don’t have to spend your time trying to figure it all out. This book will bring you up to date with a very effective retirement income strategy for many Americans.

Here’s what other people are saying about the book:
“A rare, unbiased analysis of how reverse mortgages can fit into a prudent retirement income plan from one of the nation's leading researchers. Both consumers and financial advisers can benefit from a fresh look at this often-dismissed option.”
Mary Beth Franklin, CFP® - Contributing Editor, Investment News
“This book is a must-have for anyone heading into retirement with a home. Wade Pfau is a true thought leader in the retirement income arena and his research and writing can really change the way Americans prepare for retirement.”
Jamie Hopkins, J.D., - Professor of Retirement Income Planning, The American College, Co-Director of the New YorkLife Center for Retirement Income
“Wade Pfau’s book provides a clear, concise and insightful study of reverse mortgages in retirement planning. Readers will gain new insights and appreciation of the value the often-maligned reverse mortgage brings to homeowners in retirement.”
Tom Davison, Ph.D., CFP® - Retired Wealth Manager and Blogger at Tools for Retirement Planning
Transitioning your portfolio from solely focused on growth to an expanded retirement income role necessitates a shift in strategy. It is not ideal to sit back and hope you attain historical market returns during your “fragile decade” of retirement and beyond. 

You need to develop reliable income streams to solidify a retirement income floor and remove the unnecessary anxiety from your life as it relates to your investments. 

My book brings together years of recent research in identifying reverse mortgages as an effective, reliable income alternative.

While there are other alternatives that I will get to in the Retirement Researcher Series, a reverse mortgage is a viable option whose time has now come. In the book, I will also help you assess if this is something right for you. While certain retirement income options may be more applicable to you than others, now is the time to find out because you do not get a re-start in retirement.

Let this book help you make this potentially very important investment decision.

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A Word From The Author
“I began researching reverse mortgages out of a kind of morbid curiosity about how they could be so universally disliked. But I found that the truth is more that they have been largely misused. That is what this book is about. This book is intended to dispel the myths surrounding reverse mortgages and give practical insight on how they can be a welcome addition to any retirement income plan.”
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